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Mont Marte Ultra-Soft Watercolour Pencils 18 Piece

Mont Marte Ultra-Soft Watercolour Pencils 18 Piece

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Ultra-Soft Watercolour Pencils 18 Piece

With creamy smooth application, ultra-soft watercolour pencils are designed for seamless drawing and painting. Enjoy absolute control as you create beautiful artworks with the superior blending and colour mixing offered by this watercolour set. The vibrant colours are made with lightfast pigments, which means the colour intensity will stay brilliant for longer. Use the Mont Marte Ultra-Soft Watercolour Pencil Set to lay the groundwork for paintings or to add definition. They can be used on dry paper and blended with a soft, wet brush or directly applied to wet paper.


  • Luxuriously smooth application
  • Superior blending and colour mixing
  • Just add water and start painting
  • Switch mediums in an instant
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